Monday, January 26, 2015

Toyota’s Pre-Super Bowl Ad ‘Boldly’ Goes Straight For The Heart

Watch the entirety of the moving campaign here

Digressing from the typical “sight-gag” approach, Super Bowl ads are taking an emotional and heartfelt turn in 2015, and Toyota is -- without question -- at the forefront of the pack. Toyota intends to get the tears flowing with their Super Bowl ads this year, highlighting and celebrating the underappreciated role of fatherhood with their #OneBoldChoice campaign. The first ad in the campaign series features former and current football stars including LaVar Arrington, Kurt Warner and Fred Jackson.

Daring to express their emotional sides, these football stars authentically reveal what they learned from their fathers, and how they have applied these values to their own parenting methods. The candid and heartfelt narratives about their fathers are poignant enough—just wait until their own children warmly chime in.  Speaking of her father, LaVar Arrington – former linebacker for the NY Giants, a daughter shares why she feels loved: “A lot of hugging and kissing, I love you stuff”.

Group VP of Marketing at Toyota, Jack Hollis, perfectly explains the unconventional approach to their 2015 Super Bowl campaign: “We are excited to celebrate one of America’s biggest cultural holidays while honoring the relationship between dads and their children”. The campaign concludes by inviting the public to contribute to the conversation of modern fatherhood, welcoming viewers to tweet photos of their dads using #OneBoldChoice.

We encourage you all to join the movement by engaging with the #OneBoldChoice campaign on Twitter!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Driving Resolutions That Everyone Should Make This Year

The New Year predictably comes with an overload of “new year, new me” statements full of hopes, aspirations, and dreams for the coming year. At Sansone, we are asking YOU to take a step towards a more secure driving atmosphere by implementing these driving resolutions in 2015.

Cool that road rage
Tailgating normally is a result of drivers who are in a hurry. Leave yourself more travel time and maybe shake this dangerous habit. 

Put down the electronic devices
Does it look like anyone can safely operate a vehicle while doing this?

That goes for that burger too
What’s a better exercise of self-control than waiting to eat food?

Use your blinkers!
Shockingly, those driving alongside you on the highway are NOT mind readers. 

Buckle your seat belt
No one wants to deal with the repetitive beep that comes with your rebellious ways. Buckle up! 

Make sure all passengers are buckled
Better off safe than sorry, right?

Stop speeding! 
Be courteous of those around you because in the end…good manners cost nothing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How To Make Sure Your Car Is Winter-Ready

It is only fair to prepare your car for the arctic weather conditions approaching as winter weather becomes intolerable. Drive safer, smarter, and warmer with these tips.

1) Do NOT avoid checking your snow tires.

2) Invest in a remote car starter, so you can start your car from inside.

3) Treat yourself to installing seat warmers. 
…because seat warmers are shockingly multi-purposeful.  

4) Make sure you’re equipped with wiper fluid, so you avoid this tragic circumstance.

5) Always carry an ice-scraper.

6) Make sure you have a warm coat, so you have this level of swag.

7) Fix that faulty heater you meant to repair last year.

…so you always feel like a big, toasty, cinnamon bun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Six Agitating Things People Do While Driving

The privilege of driving is accompanied with a specific set of rules and driving etiquette expectations. Of course, there are always those people who break the rules, disrupting the general order of the driving universe, and annoying those who abide by the proper etiquette. 

1) Driving and texting is a recipe for disaster. Multi-tasking while operating a vehicle should be enough of a red flag.

2) Driving and eating is equally terrifying. Food deserves its full attention; so does driving.

3) When people don’t use their headlights at night:

4) To people who don’t use turn signals: Is it really that difficult?

5) Tailgating in general.

6) People who are more focused on dancing and blasting their bass than driving.

As a worldwide New Year’s Resolution, let’s make the world a more just and safe place by avoiding all of these driving faux pas.