Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Driving Swag That All Driving Enthusiasts Need

Driving fanatics always aim to keep up to date with the newest and latest driving swag. Especially given the impending weather, you’re going to need some of this swag to make sure your future drives are not only tolerable, but also enjoyable. Here are five essentials to spice up your treks on the road.

Augmented driving app
This app, at an affordable price, provides real-time data with warnings and suggestions on the go. 

Cup-sized humidifier 
With the winter weather approaching, this cup-sized humidifier is a must-purchase for driving enthusiasts. Keep your skin healthy and vibrant with this ready and portable cup-sized humidifier. 

Heated Travel Mug
Because nothing is worse than cold coffee, especially during morning commutes in freezing weather conditions. 

Cup Holder Swivel Tray
This incredible contraption is a multi-purpose dream come true. Finally, your messy fast food trips will not result in ruining your brand new work attire. 

TrackR App
Avoid mornings running around your house on an endless pursuit to locate your keys. With this life-saving app, you’ll be able to track your keys and valuables with the click of a button.

You’ll be feeling like this with all of your new swag next time you hit the road.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Definitive List of Thoughts Everyone has During a Traffic Jam

Jam is nice…when you’re eating PB&J on toast. Driving and jamming out to your favorite song is also nice; until your mood is instantly squashed by the oncoming traffic jam you’re approaching. Here is a list of the relatable thought process and emotional rollercoaster everyone endures during the least desirable type of jam: a traffic jam.

1.) All of these brake lights could literally light up the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. 

2.) Now the take-out I ordered is going to be cold. Great!

3.) Wait. I’m a genius! Maybe my GPS can find an alternate route. 

4.) Never mind.  I am doomed. I give up. Oh gosh, here come the involuntary tears.   

5.) I should definitely move over to the left lane. It’s moving faster.

6.)Why did I think that would work? *Sighs* 

7.) Thank you “Delays Ahead” sign. I couldn’t tell! Seriously, thanks for the heads up.

8.) I would rather watch a 10-hour Barney marathon on a Saturday night while eating pickled eggs than sit in this dreadful traffic.

9.) At least there is one perk; I can rock out to One Direction in solitude.

10.) When you realize everyone around you just witnessed you do that…

11.) Less than a mile left. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

12.) Pulling up to your driveway as if you just met BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z…

Here’s to hoping your next interaction with jam will feature a delectable PB&J.