Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How Everyone Feels At Saint Patrick’s Day Parades

Green cars, green clothes, green beer – those are the three things you are guaranteed to see at Saint Patrick’s Day parades.  That being said, a Saint Patrick’s Day parade would be nothing without bagpipes and Irish step dancing. Here are five things everyone experiences at a Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

When you can’t help but groove to the Irish-infused tunes.

You kindly and calmly tell your friend it’s time to drink some water, only to be yelled at: “I’m fine! I don’t need a babysitter”… to which you respond:
When all of the jaw-dropping vintage cars cruise by and you can’t contain your jealousy:

When you and your friend break out dancing to the Irish Step Dancing routine:

It’s all about uniting for a common cause, right? No one can pass up an opportunity to have a celebration.

Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day, and enjoy your parades!

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